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2018 Southern Trout featuring John RobertsJuly 23, 2021  --  EXCELLENT FISHING NOW-    -- STREAM TRIPS AND INTRO TRIPS AVAILABLE -Please contact me foravailability, rain is projected the next 9 days which should improve stream fishing for trout. Opening  Intro Trips available  also - Low student to teacher ratio.  We invite direct contact by phone to go over any questions you have in planning one of  our trips . Many times I can go on short notice.  The Intro-Beginner  trip to a mountain pond  builds  a great foundation for those getting  started  as you  learn the equipment, flycasting, basic entomology, proper  catch & release , trout, safety and much more. The last couple of hours you  get to test yourself on some high energy, high leaping Rainbow trout which  will hopefully prepare for your first stream trip.  .Gift Certificates can be mailed immediately.  E-mail us or call the number below. Please contact  me to help plan an  educational. trip. Call or e-mail us- 800-882-1145. 


"Roberts knows  the area waters with the sort of familiarity which can only come from a lifetime of angling, and he has just the sort of  laid-back personality that works equally well for putting novices at ease or offering tips to seasoned veterans. '' Jim Casada, The Angling Review

 2021 JULY  FISHING OVERVIEW --Rainfall has a lot to do with how good fishing is this month. Higher flowers mean higher trout comfort and activity. Check with us for updates this month.  Many of the mayfly hatches slow down and land based insects come into play in the trout diet.  Later evening fishing can produce  some big trout. Some of the best fishing is after rain events this month as this will deliver more dissolved oxygen ,food  and cooler H2O temps to the trout. Ant, beetle ,hopper and other terrestrial patterns are advised. Stealthy approach is needed, I can't over stress the importance of a perfect first cast into each pool , run or riffle. The clearer water means tippet shy fish especially in heavier used public water. Spring creeks are great this month with their cooler temps.



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A Day On A Virginia Trout Stream is Hard to Beat- Our Intro Trips Provide  an Excellent First Step In Learning to Flyfish- Year Round!