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Virginia Fly Fishing Guide - John Roberts and Angler  

OCT 2 , 2019-  EXCELLENT TIME  the next 3 months to take our Introduction to Flyfishing Trip to a neat outdoor mountain pond  setting and outdoor classroom where we start with the basics in a fun and learning way.  It's all hands on  on all the way and instruction  is up close and personal. My  goal is to build a foundation that will  take you down  the right path to learn  the magic of this great sport and also experience something I have enjoyed for over 60 years.   If I do my job right you will begin a lifetime of learning. The last couple of hours we try to get you on to experience an encounter or so with some hard fighting , colorful Rainbow trout.      -- Call or email me   if you like. I love questions.1800-882-1145. John.  

   Our Stream Trips are not available due to Very low Water Flows from the Drought. Please contact me direct  1-800-882-1145 .or e-mail me for availability. We need 2- 3 good inches of rain to get srtreams fishable again. 


                                                 Call or e-mail us- 800-882-1145. 


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 2019 OCTOBER  FLYFISHING OVERVIEW  -- - Ordinarily this is one of  the best months to flyfish in Virginia but our water flows are way down due to the lack of rain  the last several months. Conditions can change overnight if we get a couple of inches of rain. Fortunately we have a cold front coming in Friday which hopefully see the end of the many hot dry days we have had the last 3 months.  This month sees some of the most comfortable water temps  for trout and they are extremely active. October is still a great month to catch trout on top with terrestrials still in abundance. We normally take the biggest trout of the season in October & November. Native Brook trout are spawning and we leave this alone this month.


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A Day On A Virginia Trout Stream is Hard to Beat- Our Intro Trips Provide  an Excellent First Step In Learning to Flyfish- Year Round!