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Virginia Fly Fishing Guide - John Roberts and Angler  

June 23 , 2019-  GOOD FISHING  CONDITIONS --  Guided trip and Intro Trip Openings Now. The improved flows made for a great week of fishing as terrestrials are becoming  a larger part of the trout's diet. Streams in the Valley are in great shape, the higher altitude ones in Bath and Highland counties are low as the rain last weekend mostly missed them.   Call me for updates. Special stealth in approaching trout hangouts is required now.   I can go on pretty short notice. Top water action has been great, Mayflies ,Caddis, yellow Stonefly Sulphurs and terrestrials  uncluding hoppers, & ants are very abundant. The public Special Reg  waters have good numbers of trout from several stockings. Please contact me in person if you would  like to design a trip for your needs and experience level.  1800-882-1145. John. 

OPENINGS June 22-June 30- call me 1-800-882-1145 John



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 2019 JUNE  FLYFISHING OVERVIEW  -- - Water flows and temps are still very comfortable for trout and June can be a very productive.   Trout stocked earlier this year  and last Fall in public Special Reg  areas are well acclimated now and light tippets  can be the deal makers as these and the  native  Brookies and wild trout get spookier as the flows decrease toward month's end.will Terrestrials will become bigger factors  this month as  many of the mayfly and caddis hatches slow a bit. Introductory Trips  as well as our Stream trips the next  months. 



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