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Lexington, Rockbridge Co., VA

Buffalo Creek 

The private Buffalo Creek Catch & Release Section can make for a very pleasant 1st trout experience. Excellent fishing right now, lots of trophy holdover fish. This water has some of the most spectacular colored Rainbows that I have ever seen, crawfish , minnows, hellgrammites and other invertebrates make up a huge part of their diet. This section has a lot of fish right now from 8-26''. It was established as a Special Introductory water. I do several of my Introduction to Fly Fishing Trips there. The stream is 8 minutes away and is very caster friendly. Buffalo is home to some very nice Rainbow & Brown Trout as well as some colorful wild Browns and Rainbows. It's important to come away with a great first experience. This stream is fairly open which is an advisable starting place for new casters. Wildlife sightings are interesting too with frequent Bald Eagle sightings. Buffalo, a classic trout stream, has just about every type of riffle, fast run, undercut, waterfall flat pools  and other trout hangouts as you will find on most other of America's best trout waters. In other words it is great place to learn about likely trout holding places.   The stream has lots of seasonal insect hatches. I offer a new day trip which combines an Introduction to flyfishing and Basic Casting on a pond, then we move to the stream for what I call the real world of trout fishing- reading waters, casting ,dries, streamers & nymph presentation, etc- we try to put you in ''a trout way.''

Other Streams & Rivers-- The Jackson, Big Back Creek, Native Brook Trout  waters

                                                                      John Roberts Fly FIshing Guide - Shenandoah Valley of VirginiaAll Fishing is Catch & Release

Beginners Trip- Hands on Learning at Its Best

   I have one of the best Introduction to Flyfishing trips  in Virginia, our setting  is a small mountain pond stocked with high energy Rainbows,  Browns  and Brookies in the 10-24'' range. Learn the discipline of hooking a fish on a dry fly, a half day here can give you a great introduction to the basics of the sport. We go over basic entomolgy, safety, casting, presentation, equipment, knots, and more in a very relaxed atmosphere. No stress here. This experience can provide lots of confidence building for beginners to  help take them to the next step. Proper Casting for FLy Fishing

Brook Trout Fishing

We have a small section of brook trout water that can be very educational and fun as we teach you how to approach certain types of pools, read water, identify likely holding spots for trout and we usually can observe aquatic insects that we might try to imitate to catch a trout. Little streams can teach you a lot, don't ever underestimate them. Learning to present the fly in a natural way and having different casting techniques is very crucial here as we try to get comfortable and productive on this little jewel of a stream.

John Roberts Trout Fly FIshing Guide - Lexington, VA

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November-December usually sees some of the biggest Rainbows and Brown catches of the year.

John Roberts - FlyFishing Guide

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''We wade into the stream. Roberts reminds me that I am a predator, and to be as stealthy and natural as I can. I cast my line where the fast water meets the slow water, over by the rocks, under the shade of a tree...places Roberts tells me trout might be lurking.''
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