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Fly Fishing for Beginners to Pros

I have trips available which are considerate of all skill levels.  I deal with a lot of total beginners and novices and my philosophy is always to provide an experience for them in a stress free, practical way which makes learning the sport easier.  Anyplace you find trout is usually very scenic and the settings are always stimulating. One of the most fun aspects of the sport is using one's power of observation as I try to teach you the techniques and methods for taking trout.  You gotta get into serious  predator mode  when  you go after trout and watching fellow predators can pay large in the process.

2013 IntroOur Intro Trips are Fun,
Up close & Personal - Stress free

It's always gratifying to see parents or grandparents or other relatives with siblings taking up a sport that can provide decades of fun times together.  Fishing stories just keep getting better the more times they are told.  Many times a group of friends, guys or gals, want to come and experience the sport. I also offer a corporate package for larger numbers of folks wanting to get the basics down.  At the end of the day I want you to have had fun and hopefully learned something that will stay with you for life. -- John


2015 MikeYoung Mike above started with our Intro to Flyfishing trip on our mountain pond to learn some basic skills of the sport. Next day he did the stream portion and caught several 14'' to 17'' colorful hard fighting Rainbows.

Typical Day For Beginners Includes:

  • Equipment Introduction & Tips to Remove Frustration in Set Up
  • Flycasting Basics, we try to get you on the water quickly
  • Basic Entomology, Flies & Fish Identification & their habits
  • Learning the important Knots
  • Safety on the Stream
  • Respecting property and the places trout live in
  • Working your fly properly in moving water and other presentational venues. 
  • How to Read Water & find fish, good Trout Water Defined
  • How to Catch Spooky Hold Over Trout, Big Fish in Small Places
  • How to Land Fish & Safely Release them, avoiding stressors to the trout.
  • Observation and the rewards it will bring as you assume the role of a predator as we study trout behavior and how to catch them. 


For Those That Are Experienced.

Of course we bypass some of the above for the more experienced types. An overview of Virginia Trout Fishing Waters is provided. Special Regulation areas are discussed as well as wild and Native Trout water. Local Hatches are reviewed and appropriate Flies are recommended. 

If you don't need a Guide I'm sure we can put you in some productive spots. Many times fishermen like to do 2-3 days of fishing, sampling the native & Wild Trout waters and graduating to larger rivers like the Jackson.

If you have a Spouse who is tired of you fishing or wants to go on your next trip out West I have been known to work wonders in making a flyfisher out of those types so they can go with you next time. If you rather them not know this, by golly there's a lot of sites and shops for them to see in town while we go fishing.

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