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Summer Edition 2014

Summer trout fishing is usually a little slower, you have to work a little harder to catch fish which can be a good thing.  Trout are spooky in the lower flows and you have to approach pools in stealth mode. If you learn to catch them ''hard'' you should not have a problem catching them other times of the year. I like to explore streams at this time even if I'm not fishing that much, it will give you special insight into the structure of a stream and this can be used later when you are fishing the same water when flows are higher. I have watched trout spook when a high flying buzzard casts its shadow over them lately. Lower flows see predators move in, blue herons hunt them trout all night so any fishing plan right now has to factor in stealth. Osprey, snakes, eels and 4 legged critters are out there looking for an easy meal now. The old trout self preservation moniker, ''to hide is to live'' is very true. Any good predator like yourself will always be studying his or her's prey's habits and likely holding spots. Case out their ''joints '' if you get my drift. John

From the Journal of An Old Trout Guide - Spring 2012

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Spring Edition - 2012

One good thing about a flyfishing outing is that most times you come away with a good story, share a great a time with friends or relatives, enjoy great scenery and you generally always learn something no matter how many times you go. I know because this has always been the case with me.

Just a few years ago I had a single angler who wanted to experience the Jackson Rver in Bath County. I always get psyched up a little more when taking folks up there as the Jackson is as good as it gets in Virginia trout fishing.  We took a long hiking trek in to one of my ''honey'' spots that May day. Caddis activity was very heavy this day and we started  fishing upstream in a long section of riffle water. The  dry #14 Tan Caddis started turning trout heads immediately and in a 300' section we caught and released over 40 colorful Rainbows and Browns in just a little bit.  One was a big ole 5 pound hook jawed Rainbow. I told my guy that this was an exceptional time so enjoy it.

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From the Journal of An Old Trout Guide - Spring 2013


Spring Edition - 2013

I have had the honor of taking of taking many, many people flyfishing over the years and the education process cuts both ways. They depend on me to introduce them to a brand new pursuit from the starting gate many times. Others may have varying degrees of experience, it makes no difference. We all learn from each other I will always believe. One of my favorite fishermen over over the years has been retired U.S.  Virginia Senator John Warner who was once married to Elizabeth Taylor. John is an experienced fisherman whom I have had a lot of fun with on several occasions.

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From the Journal of An Old Trout Guide - Fall 2012

2013 Fall Rainbow 

Fall Edition - 2012

Fall Edition- As a professional trout guide I get fishermen from all over the world and with that comes a huge commitment from my end to make the day special for each and everyone of them despite  having nature throw you a curve every now and then. A few years ago I had a 2 day late Spring trip with some clients from New England who only wanted to catch trout on dry flies, top water as we call it. This certainly is the most focal and dramatic way to enjoy the sport of fly fishing if nature cooperates. The night before our first day we had an unexpected 2'' rain storm hit on the waters I had laid out for the first day.  We headed out to the stream next morning and it was running high and very muddy. I knew my clients were not happy but I always have a backup plan. I told them  that dry fly fishing might just be impossible this day and that we would have to change the mindset and fishing strategy a bit. I sensed some disappointment but I tried to stay on mission of making a special day despite what nature had dealt us. We drove for an hour to a high elevation high gradient mountain  headwater stream loaded with wild Rainbows. This type stream can usually taking a pretty good rain but still be fishable in a few hours.  This stream was running high and what I call milky when we arrived and really in great shape to catch a trophy fish. 

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