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2015 ThomasAs a trout guide it's always fun to look back this time of year  and think about all the many people I have  had the privilege to introduce flyfishing to.  You just never know what might happen or what might end up staying with you or your fishermen for life. Not bragging here just want to show  you that learning works both ways. This past year was one of my best ever, the weather cooperated even through the summer and I had very few cancellations all year. My Intro half day trips last 4 1/2 to 5 hours and I'm always amazed how quickly the time passes by. I pack a lot into these and there has to be a balance here, yeah it can be intense but you have to  keep the fun element always close by. One young man  on my Intro- Stream experience trip  made me very aware of this. I had brought him along with  instruction  on casting and setting the hook on a trout and the other important  parts of sport  at our mountain trout pond and we decided it was time to hit the stream. He caught some small  trout early  and I gave him a small #16  dry Black hard body pattern to work a deep ledge pool under an overhanging tree. Low and behold a big old 21 '' brightly colored Rainbow  sipped the fly 3rd cast and went air born 3 or 4 times and the fight was on.. We had fairly light tippet on  and the trout proved quite a handful in the faster water as my young  fisherman battled him. I have to admit I yelled a couple of times at him to make a point but the second time he started laughing. My goal is to see the trout in the net and things can get intense most times as I instruct my fishermen what to to do and not to do in a fish fight.. No one had ever laughed the way this fisherman  did during one of the most critical times of  of a fish fight.Well I started laughing after my  second yell and after several more minutes the old hook jawed trout was in the net. We caught several more trout in the 14''- 17'' range and yeah I started laughing after every second yell with  my outstanding young angler We both had one fun time, I had forgotten the fun thing that I told you a lines ago.


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Late July & August are great times for fishing Ant, Hopper & Beetle patterns.

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''We wade into the stream. Roberts reminds me that I am a predator, and to be as stealthy and natural as I can. I cast my line where the fast water meets the slow water, over by the rocks, under the shade of a tree...places Roberts tells me trout might be lurking.''
Michelle Skeen
Blue Ridge Magazine

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