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2017- Winter From the Journal of An Old Trout Guide-

                                                                               Mary 3 023



 I always enjoy the great cross section of  different fishermen types that I get each year. For the life of me I can't figure out why more women aren't taking up flyfishing,  the ones I  do get are much more patient  than men  and generally straighten out the learning curve a tad quicker. Getting leaders and tippet fouled up during the course of the fishing day is part of flyfishing and the ladies tend to tackle these trying times with a controlled and methodical  approach rather than the angry frustrated route taken  by the guys which usually ends up with some cussing. I know, I do it myself sometimes lack the restraint to keep from getting flustered and in the process losing valuable fishing time. 

A fishing trip with a sibling can make for a great way to bond in beautiful settings. These 2 sisters were keen and veteran fishermen who caught lots of nice trout with me  but still would take a little time to just kick back and enjoy the gurgling stream along with other wildlife sounds.  Both have high pressure jobs and the trout experience  provided great therapy.  The great sound of running water coupled with other bird and wildlife sounds can  be huge relaxants  as you enjoy the peaceful ,undemanding environment. Catching trout is the number one mission but enjoying  the other  stimulants  out there is pretty good stiff too. They inspire the soul.